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Every month we search for new and fun outdoor supplies from vendors all over the United States. Perfect for those that love to hunt, fish, hike, camp, or just love the outdoors period. We have something for everyone and every month will be a new surprise. 

How It Works

Purchase your monthly box subscription anytime during the month. Ships around the 7th of the following month. Then renews every month on the 15th. 

Can cancel and skip months anytime.

Step 1

Choose a size

Please select your glove and shirt size.

Step 2

Choose a frequency

Please select if you would like your subscription to renew every month or every three months.

Step 3

Get a package!

Every box includes 4-6 items. Every box is different depending on the current season. Boxes ship around the 7th of every month.

Box Schedule

  • Order in Jan - Ships around Feb 7th : Predator Box
  • Order in Feb - Ships around Mar 7th: Turkey Box
  • Order in Mar - Ships around Apr 7th: Hiking Box
  • Order in Apr - Ships around May 7th: Fishing Box
  • Order in May - Ships around June 7th: Camping Box
  • Order in June - Ships around July 7th: Camping Box
  • Order in July - Ships around August 7th : Archery Box
  • Order in August - Ships around Sept 7th: Archery Box
  • Order in Sept - Ships around Oct 7th: Rifle Hunting Box
  • Order in Oct - Ships around Nov 7th: Rifle Hunting Box
  • Order in Nov - Ships in Dec: Christmas Box

Previous Box Vendors